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8 reasons why you should be using The International Profiler (TIP®)

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When you originally heard about The International Profiler (TIP®) there must have been something about the tool that captured your interest and imagination…

The International Profiler Feedback Report

The International Profiler Feedback Report


Let’s recall some of the advantages of using The International Profiler (TIP®) with clients:

  1. TIP’s inherent focus is on development and more importantly on the identification of strengths or competencies
  2. TIP is not culture-specific. It is not limited to helping people prepare for living or working in a particular culture. Its use is to help them understand the specific qualities and competencies that they need to develop in order to be more effective when working internationally
  3. TIP works as a complimentary product with many other inter-cultural tools
  4. The TIP Feedback process is highly contextual which makes it an excellent coaching tool to develop greater self-awareness and understanding of others and it helps to deliver on that ‘A-ha moment’
  5. TIP is non-judgmental – there are no right or wrong profiles, there is only the interpretation of the user’s feedback report at that particular point in time
  6. TIP covers more competencies than any other product in the market in order to allow for a richer interpretation
  7. It is available in 7 languages; English, Mandarin, Spanish, Polish, French, German and Italian
  8. Most importantly TIP has stood the test of time. In its 16+ years it has been blazing a learning pathway towards cross-cultural awareness


TIP Background

This is what other coaches have recently been saying about it:

I love The International Profiler because it is rich, nuanced, non-judgemental but highly practical and developmental and best of all can be immediately applied to anyone in an international role.

Helen Burgess
ICF certified coach and consultant

TIP makes face-sense – it works in a huge variety of circumstances and I don’t need to know all the theory underpinning it but knowing that it’s there is quite comforting.

John Keary
Keary Harper Associates

Personal Development

Some best uses for The International Profiler (TIP)

  • As part of a coaching journey for people who need to build skills for working in a multi-national environment
  • For talent development programmes to equip high potentials with the key cross-cultural competencies required to manage in a VUCA environment
  • For those leading an international workforce and needing to extend their intercultural skills
  • As a part of the learning pathway individuals undergo when preparing for an international mobility assignment.
To embed TIP in any of the programmes you run, get in touch (e: and we can discuss the best approach for this.