Welcome to a virtual coffee break with two Interculturalists from WorldWork, hosted by Seiji Nakano and Gabriela Weglowska.

This podcast features intercultural practitioners who do varied and interesting work in the field. You will hear stories, perspectives and tips on training, living and working abroad and anything else in between that will help you to become a better intercultural practitioner. Here at WorldWork, we are on a journey to bring the intercultural world closer to you.

This podcast started in January 2021. Since then, we have produced 17 episodes. The initial approach was to record weekly, 15-minute conversations that mirror our ‘office chats’ during a coffee break. In June 2021, we changed the approach and decided to go for longer 30 – 45 minutes intercultural conversations with guests. This new series starts at episode 18. New episodes are released in the first week of every month.

If you like a specific topic, you can continue the conversation with us on our LinkedIn page and we will respond to your comments. This is a great way to facilitate social learning in a truly international environment.

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