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X-Raying the Team to Discover What Lack of Trust is Doing to Them

Posted on 23/4/2021 by Richard Lowe

Are your teams delivering high performance? Trust is the foundation for high-performing teams and an organisation with low trust will pay the price. John Keary of Keary Harper, and WorldWork’s ...

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Know Thyself – the Number One Rule for Working Internationally

Posted on 8/4/2021 by Richard Lowe

As experts in global working, it’s our business at WorldWork to provide the tools that will help people to become more aware of themselves and others, in order to become ...

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Not such a big deal – A look at negotiating across cultures

Posted on 5/3/2021 by Richard Lowe

Written by Bill Reed, Senior Associate at WorldWork Ltd. Negotiating is horrible, isn’t it! It’s full of aggression and deception. Untruth after untruth: the “other party” wants to trick me, ...

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world solutions – episode 3

Posted on 11/3/2019 by Seiji Nakano

Welcome back to the third part of our blog series. In our second blog, we left you with the steps you can take to become an interculturally mature person....

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world solutions – episode 2

Posted on 30/11/2018 by Seiji Nakano

Welcome back!  In our first blog, we talked about our personal motivations to work in the intercultural field. Current political, economic and media output from around the world show ...

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Working with WorldWork

Posted on 5/11/2018 by Seiji Nakano

The most recent addition to the WorldWork team, Seiji Nakano, writes about his experience of joining the company. It's already been over six months since I started at WorldWork.  ...

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world solutions – episode 1

Posted on 20/7/2018 by Seiji Nakano

We know we can’t solve all of the world’s problems with a blog but it might just be a good place to get some conversations going and who knows, ...

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When trust is high…

Posted on 4/7/2018 by Seiji Nakano

I’m shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon here with reference to the ongoing success of the England Football team – watch how I tie it together with our trust tool... ...

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Making the intangible tangible

Posted on 20/6/2018 by Seiji Nakano

You know what you mean when you talk about trust and you know what you need from others in order to trust them but can you say what others ...

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What is the secret to effective teams?

Posted on 24/5/2018 by Seiji Nakano

Google researchers were tasked to find out the secret that made certain Google teams so much more effective than others. The project, which concentrated on over 180 teams, was ...

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