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WorldWork has developed specialized psychometric tools which can be used as diagnostics for a range of learning and development interventions from global mobility preparation to international project team management.

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The core aim of each tool is to increase awareness and engagement across cultural boundaries, the end result of which is a more agile and productive workforce.

To ensure the best results and maintain a high quality of delivery these tools require certification. Every individual that is certified to use our tools joins the network of WorldWork’s certified consultants around the world. Click here to see the consultants.

Certification takes the form of either a face-to-face workshop at the WorldWork premises in London, in-house by arrangement or online via blended, virtual learning.


Below is a list of benefits of becoming certified to use WorldWork tools and products:

  • Enjoy rapid growth by adding value to your company’s offerings
  • Give your business the differentiating factor by making use of WW products your USP
  • Enhance your corporate image, company prestige and visibility from the well recognised WorldWork brand in both your local and global markets
  • Earn commission on the use or sale of any WorldWork products
  • Access new business via flexible application of WW’s tools in corporate interventions
  • Support in the marketing and sale of WorldWork products within your particular business context
  • Minimise business risk by learning from WorldWork’s experience and expertise
  • Access to WorldWork’s extensive cross-cultural experience and knowledge in the use of our products in coaching, training and other contexts
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Exposure to end-user organisations
  • On-going support and contact from a dedicated WorldWork representative
  • Access to the rest of WorldWork’s network including opportunities for collaboration

You can click on the links to find out more about certification for individual tools. The International Profiler | Team Trust Indicator | International Preferences Indicator