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IPI licensing

For many of us “working globally” is an everyday reality. Our team members, colleagues, customers and stakeholders more often that not range from diverse cultures and backgrounds but this does not necessarily mean that we are automatically equipped with the soft skills required to recognise and navigate any unfamiliar cultural norms.

The ability to do this can mean the difference between a project fail and driving high performance.

Here is where the IPI can help.

In the training room, you can use this tool to help participants to first understand their own international working style and then make the connection between their job role and their requirements for future personal development.

The IPI is not just a training tool.

It offers far more in terms of self-development and goes deeper to uncover more advanced skills that will impact their performance – structuring the learning around the easy to grasp concept of ‘PUSH and PULL’.

The IPI Certification is aimed at those who:

  • Need to deliver sessions for groups of learners with a general and shared interest in managing cultural differences
  • Need to engage their participants with material that is engaging and has a clear take-away in terms of professional development
  • Are looking for material that provides participants with the opportunity for self-reflection and personal development which does not rely on cultural generalisations or the culture-specific experience of the trainer to make an impact
  • Want to connect with a simple model for understanding where individuals need to put their energy when working across cultures in a changing global business environment; how to find balance, maintain drive, communicate meaning while dealing with the unknown/unexpected.

If you are looking for an accessible and easy to apply product to:

a.) raise self-awareness about working across cultures
b.) support changes in behaviour via the training room

Then you should look at the IPI.

Online licensing

The Schedule:

The course is a blended learning process split into 3 learning sessions with 2 live web conferences each lasting an hour and a half over a 2-week period. Participants can expect to spend 4 – 6 hours a week working on material before and after the web conferences.

Once the learning process is completed you will be given 5 free IPIs to use in a trial, once you completed this trial and submitted your report you are then awarded your certification to use the International Preferences Indicator.

Price – £495 (ex VAT)

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