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TTI licensing

We all know that trust is a critical component for a team to perform successfully but how you build and maintain trust is another matter. This is true across all types of teams including multicultural, mono-cultural and virtual.

For this reason, WorldWork created the Team Trust Indicator, a tool that uniquely focuses on the team as a whole. It ‘takes the pulse of the team’ in terms of trust and provides team coaching guidance to move the team forward.

To ensure the quality of delivery and give you full confidence in tackling the often tricky subject of trust a certification process has been developed for the TTI.

  • The TTI certification is a means of ensuring consultants are fully supported and prepared for their use of the tool.
  • The Feedback Report generated by the tool also has a step by step approach to help the coach work with the team to examine any trust gaps and resolve them.
  • The new Team Trust Indicator certification provides structure and facilitation guidance that is ideal for running workshops with teams who have worked together over a period of time whether virtually or co-located.

What will the TTI Certification help you to do?

  • Bring to the surface some difficult to identify barriers which have been holding the team back
  • Provide the basis for an action plan or a team trust charter and highlight non-negotiable behaviours expected within the team
  • Show where team members are succeeding in meeting each other’s trust requirements
  • Help get to the heart of a team’s misperceptions about each other
  • Kick-start a longer term team coaching process that can be monitored over time
  • Offer opportunities for personal coaching and development
  • Help explore cultural differences in trust requirements between sub-groups within the team

The tool consists of an online questionnaire and Feedback Report based on 9 culturally sensitive criteria. It is available in 5 languages and can be completed at a distance which is ideal for remote teams.

With the big push for transparency in business and these uncertain and complex times we are going through there has never been a greater need for harnessing trust in teams and organisations as a whole.

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Price – £695 (ex VAT)

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