Cultural Synergy Programme
for Maximising Global Success

Designed by WorldWork and Expert Humans


In today’s global (often virtual) workplace, research shows that a diverse team can be a competitive advantage, but only when you have the right tools to understand different perspectives and expectations and the right skills and competencies to maximise them.

Cultural synergy describes the process of bringing two or more cultures together to form an inclusive environment based on combined strengths, concepts and skills. The people involved in this process are encouraged to be themselves, innovate and create new alternatives. That’s when the magic happens!

So how can we create cultural synergy? We need an approach that reconciles differences to build shared commitment and find creative solutions, which combines ideas to produce something that is greater than the sum of its parts e.g. (1+1≥3). This results in better problem solving, increased performance, higher job satisfaction and ultimately, financial rewards.

What if you could learn how to create that kind of environment? Well, we can show you how! We have designed an innovative and interactive training programme to help you to maximise your global success.


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In this programme, you will learn how to use cultural synergy principles to:

  • Strengthen team relationships across cultures for maximum business effectiveness.
  • Explore the dynamics and challenges of leading in global roles.
  • Develop your international competences and enhance your ability to work effectively in different environments and lead effectively across cultures.

The participants will also take The International Profiler (TIP®) questionnaire and receive an individual feedback report. One-to-one debrief coaching sessions are available as an add-on.


Expert Humans & WorldWork’s 8Es® Process

The Learner Journey

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who’s working in an international environment characterised by diversity.
  • Anyone interested in learning new methods to create and encourage an environment that’s psychologically safe, inclusive, collaborative and supportive.
  • Typically, this would be of interest to managers, team leaders, intercultural trainers, learning and development practitioners, team effectiveness coaches and similar.

Download the programme brochure to discover how creating cultural synergy will positively impact your organisational and team performance.

Schedule and Fees

The programme will take place twice a year in May and September 2021. Participants may join at any time and get started on their tailored learning journey. Live sessions will be arranged at the convenience of the group. Group sizes will be limited due to the programme being highly-tailored to individuals and their organisations.

Full blended learning programme fee*: £960/$S1800
* Seasonal discounts of 10% available until 31 April and 31 August
* Discounts for groups (please get in touch to discuss)

Additional 10% discount for FIGT2021 Conference participants.

We also offer coaching packages for Cultural Synergy. Contact us for more information.


Discover how creating cultural synergy will positively impact your organisational and team performance.

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