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The Challenge

To achieve the successful integration of managers working within the Electrolux Industrial Design Centre (IDC) relocating to its European Centre in Pordenone Italy.

The Solution

  • All new expatriates completed The International Profiler with subsequent individual feedback and coaching
  • This identified and closed the gaps which were inhibiting their ability to adapt to the local environment and work within a multicultural department
  • Expatriates received the Profiler in the context of a focused session on Working with Italians

The Results

  • Results and feedback provided an opportunity for the IDC team to identify the needs of a complex international role and meet the challenges they faced personally
  • 20 senior designers completed the Profiler and left the sessions with some profound insights into how they personally approached the assignment
  • “The International Profiler is an excellent team building tool – both in identifying the competencies you lack and in bringing out and building on the skills you have within your team”

Paul Flowers, Design Manager Electrolux