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Gabriela Weglowska

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Gabriela grew up in Poland and moved to England at the age of 18, exposing herself for the first time to cultural differences. She got fascinated by the diverse world and started studying intercultural business communication to understand the world better.

Gabriela’s deep interest in the art and science of learning shaped her career in learning & development, intercultural skills training and diversity & inclusion. Over the last 12+ years, Gabriela worked in human resources, diversity & inclusion departments, universities and training organisations as project manager, consultant, trainer and learning solutions designer. 

Since joining WorldWork in 2020, Gabriela is responsible for designing and developing tailor-made learning solutions for global clients, certification programmes delivery and coaching. She’s also working on new product development, client development and marketing campaigns.

Something you may not know about Gabriela?

She is a passionate Latin dancer. She’s been attending dance classes in London since 2015 with her Venezuelan husband, dancing salsa, cha-cha, bachata, merengue, zouk and kizomba.