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On this page you can access some WorldWork products and resources suitable for your own Personal Development. They will enable you to build your skills for building trust and working effectively with people from different cultures.

In a world of rapid change nobody should assume that their job will remain the same, or even exist in a few years’ time. One estimate suggests that up to 47% of current jobs could be replaced by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2037. Maybe something here could future-proof your career against AI.

So, what does this mean for you personally? In this environment, ‘Life Long Learning’ is becoming ever more essential. It is no longer viable to leave school or university and assume that the days of learning are over. Everybody of working age needs to take responsibility for continuing to learn and develop new capabilities that are relevant for their current role and relevant in the changing job market – a market that is becoming increasingly global. Acquiring new knowledge and developing new skills (including behavioural skills) is fun and highly motivating and for many people meet some fundamental psychological needs. Also, ‘soft’ skills are likely to be increasingly important and less likely to be replaced by AI.

WorldWork is recognised as the leading supplier of training and development products for people who need to lead and work across multiple cultural and country boundaries. Why not take control of your career by upgrading your ability to work successfully in a truly international context.

 E-learning courses


Managing Multicultural Teams

This e-learning course will help you to understand cultural differences, especially in the context of multicultural teams, and how to work with them to produce good results. There are three different modules to work through covering:

1. Recognizing Cultural Differences

2. Managing Cultural Differences

3. Sustaining Energy at a Distance

For further details download the product description here.

You can create an account and access the course on the WorldWork Learning Platform. The full course costs £65 and you can pay with a credit card or via PayPal

Kai Bendix

Follow the story of a real international executive as he faces ethical and cultural issues. Use this e-learning course to compare your own decisions with a global leader tasked with starting a new business in India.

You can create an account and access the course on the WorldWork Learning Platform. The full course costs £65 and you can pay with a credit card or via PayPal.

  The International Competency Set

Test yourself against WorldWork’s International Competency Set by completing the International Profiler Questionnaire (TIP). Please contact the WorldWork office to arrange access to the questionnaire and a feedback session.

  Become Licensed

Challenge yourself by becoming licensed to use WorldWork’s products! You will discover your own strengths and cross-cultural skills as well as learning how to use the tools to aid your coaching or training interventions.

  How do you learn best?

Download, complete and score a free [download id=”849″] to help you understand your preferred ways of learning. This can be invaluable when you are thinking about your personal development.

Follow the links to learn about different approaches to learning and finding more effective ways of behaving.

  A Personal Development Plan (PDP)

A Personal Development plan is simply a way of structuring your thinking around your own learning and development. It will ensure that you focus on acquiring skill, knowledge and experience that will be really useful for you both now and in the future. You can create your own format for a Personal Development Plan (PDP) or you can download and complete the sample plan template below.

Download our FREE [download id=”838″]

  How trusting are you?

Trust is a fundamental element of human relations, and learning how to build trust can enhance your career. See this blog article about how trust can make business relationships more efficient and productive, and then discover how trusting you are by completing this simple questionnaire.