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The International Preferences Indicator (IPI) first establishes an individual’s preferences in an internationally diverse setting, next it produces effective strategies for the individual to best be positioned to succeed in that unfamiliar environment.

The IPI analyzes ten dimensions from the International Competency Framework. In addition, it examines a ‘Push’ style and ‘Pull’ style for someone to successfully operate in unfamiliar cultural settings.

‘Push’ is a strong, assertive style with a focus on taking some risks to deliver on commitments.

‘Pull’ is a flexible style with a focus on adapting to different cultural ways of behaving.

It is essential that these two styles coincide with one another to reach a favourable outcome.

To learn more about the roots of the International Preferences Indicator and the push and pull focus in both intercultural research and within the wider field of management and leadership download the Push and Pull Article.

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For it to reach its full potential, feedback on the tool is given in a workshop or training session within a group of people. Peer reflection and support can provide the most meaningful impact.

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“The IPI helped me think more deeply about the competencies I need to work better with my international colleagues. It’s helped me identify which areas I want to develop on more.”

Project team member, International confectionary company

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Key Features

  • Online questionnaire comprised of 30 questions (15 minutes to complete)
  • Personal Feedback Book
  • Measures 10 qualities drawn from the International Competency framework
  • Evaluates 5 international styles
  • Dynamic presentation for trainers to use when providing feedback
  • A set of animated cartoons commissioned particularly for the IPI to illustrate competencies
  • Ready-made Session Plan for facilitators running the feedback workshops
  • Development Resources Manual with concepts for peer support and personal development
  • Activity Sheets for groups to aid trainers when running feedback sessions

* WorldWork offer administration service to support delivery of tools for projects.

[Certification or a licensed consultant is required for optimal facilitation of the IPI]

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