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ITTI: Helping to manage challenges across cultures…

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TCO International, one of WorldWork’s associated training companies, has successfully used the International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) numerous times with client teams. In a recently book published by McGraw Hill called Managing Challenges across Cultures: a multicultural project team toolbox, David Trickey, TCO International senior partner, as co-author has included a case study of how ITTI was used within their client Comau, a world leader in advanced production systems. The book includes a ‘ready to use’ toolbox  for project managers and facilitators of global project teams in dealing systematically with the multi-cultural challenges they face: how to create and develop trust, build a strong sense of common purpose and team identity, manage mixed loyalties and priorities, communicate intentions clearly and build commitment to key decisions. These tools and approaches are practical, deal with all phases of the project life-cycle and can be usedScreen Shot 2015-11-26 at 14.09.33 to explore and integrate the differing expectations of how to work in a culturally diverse team.

To learn more about the book and download the section on the use of ITTI click here.