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Maybe your team members never get to meet in person? Or perhaps they struggle to communicate with colleagues in different time zones?

Every multinational organisation will be concerned with international management which brings its very own challenges.

Could language be a barrier? Are preferred methods of communication different between countries?

Are your high-performing leaders reluctant to go on international assignments for fear of not understanding cultural norms?

Or is a merger or takeover creating uncertainty within the organisation and fear of change?

In such circumstances, trust between teams can break down, and motivation and productivity can suffer.

But it needn’t be this way.


WorldWork’s training and development resources are designed to build trust and understanding between global teams and help people thrive in a multicultural business environment.

Our tools help team members adapt to periods of change and grow stronger in uncertain times.

We help raise awareness of cultural norms and give managers the confidence to build critical business relationships and complete their international assignments.

Whether it’s the softer skills for influencing and collaborating or the harder skills for implementing a successful strategy, WorldWork holds the key to unlocking your global potential.

WorldWork Organisations

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  Our expertise

Global Mobility and Re-entry

Build effectiveness in a global environment. Empower people to thrive in unfamiliar settings.

We understand that doing business in different countries around the globe can present new challenges. We also know that reintegration can be just as difficult. Being able to recognise and effectively overcome these obstacles is critical to the individual performance of leaders.

For Global Mobility and Re-Entry, we recommend; The International Profiler

Leadership Development

Create high-performance leaders. Help them build trust among global teams.

We appreciate that an organisation is only as strong as the individuals within it. Developing leaders, who set the bar extremely high for themselves, is critical to performance. These leaders should focus on effective cross-cultural working approaches that bring out the best in their teams.

For Leadership Development, we recommend; The International Profiler

Developing Team Trust

There is no team without trust! The performance of a team is dependent on strengthening the trust between individuals and the group.

We understand that often there are differences between individuals in a team. This can make it difficult to get the group running like the well-oiled machine it should be. The performance of a team is dependent on strengthening the relationships between individuals and the group.

We recommend; Team Trust Indicator, Managing Multicultural Teams, International Preferences Indicator

Organisation Culture Change

Instill a global mindset in your people. Foster a common language within the business.

Maximizing potential business around the world begins with a global outlook from within an organisation. To make meaningful and productive business interactions with foreign partners and companies, an organisation needs to promote global thinking amongst itself first.

For Organisational Change, we recommend; International Preferences Indicator, Ling He Simulator

Talent Management

Develop people as global leaders by enabling their ability to garner trust. Improve the soft skills that lead to better communication and support their development.

Recruiting and developing talent is an incredibly important aspect of creating high performance within an organisation. However, having talented people is not enough for sustained success. These individuals must be engaged in continuous learning and be able to garner trust amongst their co-workers so they are better enabled to work across cultural boundaries and support the growth of the organisation.

We recommend; The International Profiler and Next Level Leadership

Cultural Awareness

Build awareness of cultural norms. Support people to work effectively across boundaries.

In a world where the boundaries of doing business are constantly diminishing, cultural limitations persist. Creating awareness of cultural differences and developing an appreciation of different working styles is essential to successfully doing business globally.

We recommend; The International Profiler, International Preferences Indicator, Ling He

Selection Process

Identify high performing individuals who are able to drive success in complex new situations. Equip them with the tools for global success.

We understand that selecting the right individuals to successfully integrate into an organisation can be challenging. Once potentials are established, the next step is to put them in the best position possible for continued achievement. This is critical to an organisation’s overall success.

We recommend; The International Profiler

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