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Richard Lowe

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Richard’s cross-cultural journey literally took off when he went back-packing with a couple of friends around the United States at the age of 18.

He took the original Queen Elizabeth ship to New York and travelled across the country from East to West and back again. In those days you could pay $99 for a 99-day trip on the Greyhound buses.  Thereafter he travelled extensively including, hitching around Europe, living and working in Australia, visiting the far East and different countries in Africa, where he now works to support a charity set up by his wife in Zimbabwe.

Richard’s high ‘Spirit of Adventure’ from an early age, opened up his world view and led him to develop his personal ethos of justice and fairness, which was later expressed through his work as a magistrate in the UK over a period of more than 30 years.  Through his travels and his work as a magistrate he learned to appreciate and value the differences of culture and outlook of the many people he has encountered, an appreciation that was very much part of his reason for creating WorldWork with Nigel Ewington.


Ice Water

Something you may not know about Richard?

While in Los Angeles Richard got a job as bus-boy in the still well known Lawry’s restaurant in Beverly Hills where he had the pleasure of serving a glass of iced water to Hollywood legend Bob Hope.