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Seiji Nakano

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Since leaving Japan at the age of 16 and coming to study in the UK, a world of new perspectives opened to Seiji and he immediately became fascinated by the fact that everyone had different opinions and values. Eventually, these differences began to make sense to him after he learnt to understand the contexts behind them.

In his first year at university, he randomly picked up a book ‘The geography of thought: How Asians and Westerners think differently’  and based his first ever contextual studies essay on the research that was published in the book. This triggered his ongoing passion to learn about different cultures, perspectives and values. After completing an MA in Intercultural Studies and living outside of Japan for 10 years, his curiosity pushed him to have some familiarity with actually working in his home culture. He became a Japanese salaryman in order to observe and analyse the deeply rooted distinctive culture. After three and half years of his experience in Japan, Seiji returned to the U.K. to transfer this knowledge and experience into something useful…

Something you may not know about Seiji?

He trained as a Japanese fishmonger and worked as a sushi chef in Cyprus while struggling to survive as a research assistant… But he doesn’t like raw fish!