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The Science of Trust

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To all our colleagues who are engaged in developing management behaviours:

 Check out an article in Harvard Business Review January-February 2017 entitled The Neuroscience of Trust

Everyone knows that fostering organisational trust is likely to increase employee productivity, energise the workforce and build loyalty but how to do it is the big issue.

How do you build a culture of trust?

How do you build a culture of trust?

What are the trust inhibitors and what causes people to trust each other?

Interestingly the HBR article talks about a long term experiment in 2001 which measured brain activity while people worked in order to look for the neurological signals that give you the message to trust. And following this what are the management behaviours that foster trust?

Read here for yourself a fascinating article that identifies these behaviours (scientifically) and examines how a number of top trust performers do it.