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When trust is high…

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I’m shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon here with reference to the ongoing success of the England Football team – watch how I tie it together with our trust tool…

On one of the UK news channels and in a few of the national papers they mentioned that the players had been through psychometric tests to help identify who would be suitable to take penalties, should the need arise, as part of their preparation for the World Cup. I’m curious to know which psychometrics, in particular, they used to make such a critical decision as the match against Colombia demonstrated.


It also confirmed to me what I had already been picking up on. The progressive leadership style of the England manager, Gareth Southgate. There are a number of words he has used in interviews which indicate to me that he is employing a highly cerebral approach in the training of the young squad. Their physical skills on the field are obviously a given, as they would not be playing professional football otherwise, but there appears to be an added focus on the mental preparedness too.


This combination of physical and mental readiness appears to be giving the England team an added edge in their approach. Certainly, there was much provocation in the game against Colombia that could have led a less-prepared team to give in and react just as aggressively in response – this did not happen. I am certain I saw Mr Southgate mouth the word, ‘calm’ to his players at least at one point during the game.

Gareth Southgate, England Manager, instructing from the sidelines

Earlier in the week the England Manager had asked the players to trust him and the decisions he was making, they did and now find themselves in the next stage of the finals.

So, a cerebral approach, talented players, skilled coaches, psychometrics and of course trust in the leader have garnered success.

Would the team have pulled together the way they did if trust had been missing?  For me, it was the glue that held all the other elements, which brought about their success, together.

The team was hailed as being resilient, I believe this is because trust is high – in their individual abilities, in the competence of their fellow players, in the support they are receiving from the coaching staff and in their leader to make the right decisions that keep them aligned to their ‘goals’ (couldn’t resist it).

We all know, however, that it is a challenge to maintain high trust levels, disappointments, failures and change can all knock it down. It is for this reason and for all teams, even the England football one, that WorldWork created the Team Trust Indicator (TTI); a way to measure, manage and monitor trust levels in teams and create the kind of environment that engenders innovation, agility, resilience and success.


To find out more about the ways in which the TTI can help the teams you work with or in go here or give us a call on +44 207 486 9844.