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The most recent addition to the WorldWork team, Seiji Nakano, writes about his experience of joining the company.

It’s already been over six months since I started at WorldWork.  I still remember feeling a little nervous and nauseated, probably from the heat on the tube to Baker Street,  on the first day as I journeyed to the office.

I was employed as an instructional designer to develop an online feedback/learning platform for our new 360 psychometric product ‘Trusted Leadership Indicator’ where the delegate can go through an online feedback session and prepare reflective thoughts prior to the actual coaching session.  Happily, I am currently getting involved in more different projects and internal organisational development as well.

Looking through the lens of ‘Trust’ and ‘Individual Differences’

What makes me excited about working at WorldWork is that our products and services focus on developing ‘Trust’ and raising self-awareness of ‘Individual Differences’ in team and organisations, rather than focusing on the cultural specifics or generalisation of ‘To Dos/Not To Dos’.

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One of our flagship products ‘The International Profiler (TIP)’ helps people raise deeper self-awareness of their own behavioural tendency in international environments to create and adopt better strategies.  I genuinely found those dimensions and competencies that are used for TIP to be universally applicable to describe to others and for yourself in day-to-day life (and not just because I work for Worldwork).  For example,  I scored low on ‘Focus on Goals’ one of TIP’s dimensions, this is something that I am aware of and so I intentionally design my workflow not to get distracted at work as a way of overcoming this area of low emphasis.


‘Team Trust Indicator (TTI)’, on the other hand, focuses on identifying the ‘Trust Building Behaviours’ that are needed and relevant in a particular team.  This helps the team to develop the same vocabulary and encourages them to communicate and discuss the issues effectively in terms of ‘Trust’.

I personally believe that putting the spotlights on ‘Trust’ and ‘Individual Differences’ encourage more humane relationship development.


Passion and idea-driven environment

People at WorldWork are extremely passionate and always love to discuss ideas about how we can help individuals/teams/organisations to develop better relationships with another. I am really enjoying the constant entrepreneurship feeling in the office, and hoping to contribute more!

Future at WorldWork

As well as completing the ‘Trusted Leadership Indicator’ self-learning platform project, I am currently involved in Design Services where we help our clients developing online/blended learning solutions from new or existing contents as an instructional designer.  We are stepping into the ‘Digital Learning’ era with our specialities in psychometrics and personal/organisational development!


In conclusion… I really love working at WorldWork so much that I can’t wait to get to the office every day!!

We honestly didn’t pay him any extra to write that final part!